Anxiety & Fears

Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis and Energy-Medicine offer efficient, gentle and drug-free ways for overcoming anxiety and fears!

Millions of people are suffering from fears of all sorts, such as:

  • medical and dental procedures
  • surgery
  • fear of flying
  • enclosed spaces
  • driving on busy roads
  • fear of heights
  • public speaking
  • spiders
  • meeting new people - and more.


Why is it so hard to remove fears through determination and willpower?

Fears are not rational and therefore cannot be removed through logical thinking alone. Rationalizing, or trying to remove the fear through logic alone, can sometimes make the situation appear worse.

Even though fear is one of our a basic survival mechanism, a protection mechanism actually, there to help us, in order to release the fear, we need to 'feel' safe without it.

It might be interesting to notice, that fears almost always relate to future events, imagining an outcome that is undesirable.

Fear is a perception and this perception actually creates physiological changes in our bodies, which shows the potential of our mind-body connection.

Regardless of the severity or duration of the fear, and the physical and emotional reactions it produces, there is help!

Through the use of hypnosis, you can learn to use the power of your subconscious mind to make it work for you instead of against you.

You can "unlearn" and release fears and anxiety. And in most cases it does not take very long. Through hypnosis, the use of self-hypnosis and other complementary techniques from the field of energy-medicine, you can learn to remain calm and relaxed even in the presence of the fear stimulus.

The releasing power of water, photo by Okka Holthuis, Hypnotist, West Palm Beach, Florida

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