The LuxMani-Energy-System
amethyst - crystal healing, photo by Okka Holthuis, hypnotist, West Palm Beach, fl

LuxMani is a healing modality developed by Okka Holthuis and a metaphysical approach in which energy, awareness and transformational tools are combined into a synthesis for healing. Those who have worked with Okka, know already how powerful an impact LuxMani can have in your life.

LuxMani, translated to mean Lux as Light and Mani for Hands, begins with the understanding that we are whole and perfect as we are; so much more than most of us are consciously aware of, we are a beautiful work in progress.

LuxMani derives its power by opening our inner space for expanded awareness and possibility. Connecting with the Angels or Light Beings of the Seven Rays of Light, opens possibilities for deeper insights and powerful healing. You will re-member how to create an intimate connection with yourself and how to expand that awareness into one of interconnectedness, energetically and spiritually. When we re-member who we truly are and re-connect with Source, we find ourselves tapping into amazing healing powers outside ourselves and yet within.


Training's are offered in three levels:

LuxMani Personal Development Program

This program is mostly experiential and designed for all those who are interested in learning more about:

  • our body-mind-spirit connection
  • deepening our spiritual awareness
  • enhancing our own healing process
  • assisting loved-ones in their healing process

During this two-and-a-half-day experiential program your own healing process deepens and as you continue on this path you will enhance your awareness of the connection between yourself and all levels of human existence.

Come and join us!

  • Experience the connection to universal energies
  • Learn about the Violet Ray and the transformational energy it carries
  • Connect with the sacred space in your heart
  • Stimulate healing within
  • Discover chakras and aura, crystals and aroma essences
  • Understand the power of words, thoughts, intention and attention more deeply
  • and more....

Here are some testimonials, when you like to read what others have to say about this program.

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LuxMani Certification Program

When you want to deepen the experience of the Personal-Development-Program, both theoretically and practically, and perhaps integrate these powerful techniques into your own healing practice, become a Certified LuxMani Practitioner.

During this 3-day class you learn to:

  • utilize universal energies while working with the energies of the body
  • balance the energy flow within the chakras and aura
  • apply, intuitively, Crystal therapy, Aroma therapy, and relaxation techniques
  • use the Healing Rays of Light while connecting with the energies of Ascended Masters and Light Beings
  • expand those energies, creating greater possibility for transformation within and outside oneself
  • deepen your understanding of Sacred Geometry


LuxMani Advanced

This 2 and a half day class gives additional and deeper insights into the work with the Seven Sacred Flames. You will

  • experience some very deep meditations that connect you in wonderful ways with your Higher Self (or whatever term you use for that wise and divine part of yourself)
  • stimulate deeper healing on the mental, physical, emotional level
  • connect you in new ways with the Ascended Masters of the Sacred Flames and the angelic realm

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