Past Life Regression
journey into the sunset, photo by Okka Holthuis, hypnotist, West Palm Beach, Florida

The one question which arises for many people when we begin to consider
Past-Lives is

“Is it real?”

Can Past-Lives really have existed or are the experiences related to Past-Lives merely imagination, fantasy, an intellectual concept, or something entirely different?

The following might surprise you: in the context of healing, it does not matter! Whatever you experience is true!

  • Regression is simple

We do it every day. You just did it now. When I stated that we do it every day, you automatically began to reference the statement to your experience; regressing through the day or several days, to discover the regression with which to ratify the statement.

The ‘TRUTH’ of what we call Past-Life Regression can be argued endlessly yet there is one simple observation which may still the question, many people, even those who ‘do not believe’ find great personal insight and benefit through participation in the process.

Regression as a Spiritual journey, is a wonderful exploration of consciousness and may lead to insights and awareness that alter our lives in unexpected ways.

Regression to experienced Past-Lives can be an amazing experience of dynamic proportion. Discovering patterns and Soul lessons may free and open new pathways of awareness.

Individuals of our present-life may be known to our former selves. Sometimes the relationship and interaction may have changed, as in the role of a parent, child, spouse, lover, friend or adversary. Our role may have changed and we may discover that the difficulties we encounter in the present are the same that we visited in the past.

  • Purpose of Regression

As we begin to realize patterns from the past, we can begin to process these patterns in the current context and by shifting from re-action to action we access transformation.

There are emotional charges to all experiences, some of which we feel good about, some bad and others leave us indifferent, nevertheless all carry some kind of an emotional charge.

Releasing unnecessary fears, anger, regrets or misunderstandings allows us to continue to grow. We perceive our current experience through the imprint of emotional states of the past. And when this emotional state causes a limitation, we may become ‘stuck’, reacting to the past in the present.

The transformation accompanying the release of emotional limitations of the past and acceptance of the new awareness can have profound effects in our present life.

Should a previous experience be discovered in which we felt hurt or misunderstood, forgiveness may come to mind. Through forgiveness we can release emotional charges that may have played out as grief, resentment or other limiting reactions. Forgiveness includes forgiveness of others for their actions, which have caused us pain, this does not mean we accept the action but the individual. And most importantly, forgiveness includes ourselves, accepting that which we might have perceived as mis-takes in the past.

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