Prepare for Surgery
Would you like to undergo surgery with little or no fear,
recover faster and heal better?

using hypnosis in surgery

Studies of patients undergoing surgery who were taught self-hypnosis by the team of Dr. Mehmet Oz, cardiothoracic surgeon and frequent Oprah Winfrey guest, revealed the patients were significantly less tense as well as less depressed, less fatigued and required less medication. They felt empowered and left the hospital sooner than those who did not receive the training.

~ Chip Brown “The Experiments of Dr. OZ”


For many, the idea of surgery with all its related implications is daunting. Due to her own experience with cancer and back related surgeries, Okka Holthuis not only knows first hand how powerful hypnosis and self-hypnosis is for surgeries and healing, she also can teach you how to use it.

Through the pre-surgery preparation - which can be done either in person or over the phone - you will learn self-hypnosis to

  • reduce fears associated with surgery,
  • relax more deeply, therefore allowing the surgery go more smoothly
  • enhance your healing process
  • reduce medication intake and
  • shorten hospital stays and surgery time

through Guided Imagery and hypnosis you will also discover your

  • Inner Healing Place and the support of your
  • Inner Healing Team, your inner doctor, nurse or therapist.

There is a lot of research done about the benefits of hypnosis in surgery. When you like to find out more, the page Hypnosis Research Cancer, Surgery... on this web site is updated often to provide you with the newest findings.